lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012




           Once upon a time, there was a cat called Pepe and a mouse called Lola. They lived in the same house, in a small village called Manopla because it has got the shape of a glove. Lola used to won to Who is who?, so one day, Pepe thought that he could eat Lola.
 At night, Pepe put cheese in Lola’s bed, but she didn’t eat, because it was clever and, was impossible to caught! Pepe didn’t have more ideas and the next day, at breakfast he realised that he loves Lola. Lola loved him too, but there was other cat called Eustakio, that is ugly and lived in
a rubbish, that loved her too.
 One day Eustakio saw a dog (chihuahua) called Manuela and he loved more Manuela than Lola and Manuela loved he too. Pepe and Lola married.
The lived happily ever after.

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