lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012



Once upon a time, in a farm there was a bull called Josito the bull and all animal liked, he was generous, friendly, good... He was the best and every animal wanted to be his friend.

One day in the farm Josito that is an adventurer bull wanted to go to the city but his friends said that any body is going to take him to the city and Josito was thinking on how he  could go to the city,  every day, every week, every moment he was thinking but one day he found the solucion. Later he asked to his friends if it was a good idea and they said: “We don´t know, you can try”.

One day Josito did that he had a disease and couldn´t nothing and the farmer naturaly phoned a doctor to the revision and the doctor came to the farm and the farmer asked him if it was good he answered yes, and Josito thought: This idea is not good.

Later ,he thought once more and found the solution.

The farmer looked at Josito and he started to think that the doctor was wrong and  Josito was bad. Josito got his objective. The farmer was going to take him to the city in a special clinic to big animals like cows, horses, bulls...

After the revision Josito waited for the moment and pushed the farmer to the doctor and scaped.

He was in his dream, in the city but all the people was feared and runs and runs and Josito was ofended. He was sad because everybody scaped from him. He was in his sad dream.

When he returned to the farm with his friends, said:”I was in my dream, in the city, but sad because every body scaped of me”. And his friends answered:”What do you think that is going to do the people, stop  it and you put your horns in bodies, but you have to know a thing... ¡You lived your dream if all people was living  their dream all people was happy! Not everybody can live their dream do you know what I want to say”. And Josito answered:” Yes, I know.”


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